Our technology

Wellio is the first intelligence platform that helps people plan, shop, prepare and enjoy healthy meals at home. It’s a platform that will learn to be your personal chef, shopper and nutritionist all in one. The platform is human powered and AI assisted.

The challenge

Understanding home chefs

Every home chef has different dietary restrictions, cooking skills and taste preferences to take into account for themselves and their families, our challenge is to offer a personalized food experience taking into account those various needs.

Learning the world of food

There is a great amount of web sources offering unstructured recipes, nutrition information, grocery products and other data, our challenge is to transform this raw data into smart data that can help us understand the art of cooking and the science of nutrition.

Our vision

We are building an intelligent human-centered and data-empowered platform that adapts to each home chef’s goals and needs enabling better nutrition choices and encouraging cooking at home.

Take a look at the journey our Home Chefs go on as they use wellio and how we leverage technology at every step of their journey.

Meet Andrea, Home Chef and Mom of two

“I want my kids to eat more vegatables.”

Set preferences & health goals

Andrea tells wellio her initial preferences and health goals.

Nutrition and health understanding

Wellio matches Andrea’s health and dietary preferences with meals that fit her lifestyle.

Health awareness
Over time wellio helps Andrea better understand how her food choices affect the wellbeing of her family and suggests alternative meals to improve eating habits according to family goals.

Personal meal solutions

Andrea receives a selection of curated, highly relevant meal options for her.

Culinary understanding

With the knowledge of the culinary world combined with understanding dietary preferences we are able to show a select number of personalized high quality meals.

Recommendation systems
wellio constantly learns by capturing implicit and explicit feedback and maps Andrea’s preferences to the food domain as it changes in real-time.

Generative recipes
New recipes are crafted based on existing sources and home chef preferences. Multiple inputs yield infinite potential variability with meals tailored to every home chefs desires, abilities, and goals.

Representation learning
Based on learnings from the vast food data, wellio creates logical connections and clusters of recipes across multiple dimensions.

Placing order

Andrea selects a veggie pizza meal and saves money by checking off ingredients she has in her pantry or refrigerator.

Inventory Modeling

The process of understanding what grocery items home chefs have, need, might need in the future and may have leftover.

Pantry Optimization
Over time wellio gets smarter by remembering what home chefs have in their pantry and refrigerator and connects it to an automated ingredient fulfillment process.

Grocery delivery

Andrea receives her delivery within hours.

Item selection & adaptation

wellio seamlessly translates a shopping list into grocery items.

Automated ingredient fulfillment
wellio enables automated one-click fulfillment by translating ingredients into grocery items. For example, it matches the ingredient lemon juice with the grocery item a lemon.

Meal preparation & cooking

Andrea is in the middle of cooking and needs assistance because she realized she ran out of baking powder.

Culinary understanding

By understanding the vast culinary world, we can offer on-demand cooking support for any recipe.

Multimedia cooking assistant
Andrea can ask wellio questions during the cooking process and wellio sources the answers using video, text and images.

Recipe adaptation
wellio provides real-time solutions to help Andrea improvise during cooking and suggests creative recipe adaptations based on her current needs.

Cook. Eat. Repeat.

Intelligent systems adapt

Causal inference and goal suggesting

Over time wellio understands home chefs’ goals, experiences and outcomes and uses this data to learn how to be an ideal partner in order to positively affect wellness and health.

Connecting to external signals

Drawing and interpreting data from third-party health sensors allows the platform to infer home chefs health goals which can be used to make new meal recommendations.

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We believe that by using data and technology we can transform the way people cook and eat.