How it works

Countless small decisions go into planning dinner, turning an inspiration into a meal and getting it on the table. Wellio handles all of these little decisions for you, so you can focus on what’s important – enjoying home cooked meals with family and friends.



Get inspiration with a selection of recipes curated from millions

You’ve had a long day and can’t figure out what to make for dinner and need a little inspiration. Browse our recipes, get inspired and make something new.

Know exactly what you want for dinner? Use wellio to search by ingredient, cuisine or dish and create something that will bring everyone around the table.



What you need delivered in as little as two hours

There is no subscription or weekly commitment to wellio. Each meal is priced per serving and based on what ingredients you need.

Save money by checking off ingredients you already have, and get the rest delivered. Fresh, quality ingredients are fulfilled from local grocery stores and delivered to your door.

Worried about leftovers? Get recommendations for additional meals that make use of perishables. The more you use wellio, the smarter the digital pantry becomes and remembers what you received before and likely haven’t used up.



Prepare and serve a healthy meal easily at home tonight

Take the stress out of planning and preparing dinner with wellio. Don’t know what to make with what you have? Wellio can suggest recipes using ingredients you already have, especially perishables. Eating at home means using less processed food and preservatives, keeping everyone healthy and happy.

Get on-demand support while cooking. You’re never alone in the kitchen.

Our food principles

Countless small decisions are made while grocery shopping to turn an inspiration into a meal.

Things like: which brand of quinoa is best? The store is out of zucchini, what can be substituted to make the recipe still work? The recipe calls for one cup of chopped onions, how many onions do I need?

How do we make those decisions for you? Wellio’s automated decisions are guided by principles designed for healthy, nutritious, convenient meals at home:


Fresh ingredients over frozen or canned, whenever possible


Highest quality ingredients available from trusted brands

Less waste

Resealable packaging when available, like tomato paste in a tube vs. a can

Packaged food

We’ll check the label so you don’t have to. We’re looking for less preservatives and fewer ingredients

Cost efficiency

Best quality for price

Less processed food

We’ll feed your family like we would feed our own


How much does it cost?

Most wellio meals can be purchased for $5-9 per serving, depending on what you already have in your pantry at home and your choice of protein. (For example: fish typically costs more than chicken.)

When will my order be delivered?

Your order will be delivered in a one hour delivery window you select at checkout. The delivery window can be in as little as two hours or set one day in advance. Wellio will notify you when your order is out for delivery.

What’s Stripe?

Wellio uses Stripe to process credit card transactions. When you enter your credit card data, wellio never stores that information - it is securely stored by Stripe.

Who is actually shopping and delivering my groceries?

Wellio works with third-party companies to pick items based on wellio’s instructions and delivery schedule. This allows wellio to focus on solving the question ‘What’s for dinner tonight?’ and building great technology to do so.

Where do you deliver?

Wellio is currently in beta, which means delivery is limited to a small group while we work on making our product the best it can be. If delivery is not available, you can still use wellio for inspiration and we’ll email you a customized shopping list.