Good for the environment and your wallet! These tips from our culinary expert are designed to reduce food waste.



Store scallions, celery, and leeks like flowers in jar or glass of water on your countertop to last longer.



Delicate herbs such as parsley, cilantro, and chives should be rolled in damp paper towels and kept in the refrigerator. They will last an extra week if stored like this.



Save your parmesan rinds! Add them to soups for deep, rich layer of flavor. Just be sure to discard before eating.



Throw woody stems (like rosemary and thyme) into a roasting pan with meat or root vegetables for an earthy, herbal infusion of flavor.



Stale bread can be blitzed into breadcrumbed and frozen. Or, turn into homemade croutons, French toast, or bread pudding.