Dinner is served

Wellio is the first intelligent platform that helps people plan, shop, prepare and enjoy healthy meals at home.

How it works


Get inspiration with a selection of meals curated from millions of recipes


High-quality, fresh ingredients delivered from a grocer (ex. Whole Foods) near by in as little as two hours


Prepare and serve a healthy meal easily at home tonight

Our technology

Machine learning and behavioral science recommends recipes personalized to your unique needs. Plus, recommendations improve over time based on feedback, ratings, goals and usage provided by each user.

Why wellio?

Healthier lifestyle

Reduce health risks, stress, and improve well-being by eating home-cooked meals with friends and family

Curated variety

Expand your food horizons with recipes curated from millions available that are based on your family’s unique preferences and needs

Tailored meals

Prepare healthy, balanced meals at home that you know your family and friends will love

Equip for success

Receive guidance and support from start to successful meal, from planning and shopping, to cooking in the kitchen

Reduce waste

Use ingredients you already have and only purchase what’s needed to reduce food waste and save money

Same day delivery

Fresh ingredients are delivered in as little as two hours from local grocery stores

About wellio

Our mission is to decode how meals are prepared and enjoyed at home. Home cooked meals are good for us but too often life is busy so we fall back into making the same three or four recipes or getting unhealthy takeout. Wellio is dedicated to making it more convenient for people to eat better – which means personalizing variety, healthiness, cost and more.

Work with us

To pursue our mission we have assembled a team of smart, empirically motivated, disagreeable givers who care about making a difference in the world. We believe that using technology, collaboration, innovation and diversity we can transform the way people eat and cook. As an early employee at wellio, you will highly impact the design and development of our product. We are looking for creative people who are comfortable with ambiguity and enjoy learning and teaching as part of a dynamic team.